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ashtanga yoga in southville – stretch and strengthen the body and mind

Great news... Ashtanga Yoga is happening in Southville! Thanks to the support of our committed students we are running another 8-week term of Ashtanga Yoga in Southville. As is traditional, we'll continue with early-morning classes so you'll be able to squeeze some yoga in before showering and heading off to work. The next 8-week course starts on Friday 8th May. Come and start the day with this dynamic practice to wake up the body and still the mind.

All levels welcomed!

Beginners ashtanga yoga workshop photo

About the yoga: Ashtanga is a dynamic yoga practice. Those who already have some knowledge of yoga will find many familiarities in this 'Mysore style' practice where the main difference is the focus on developing a self practice within a group situation. This style of teaching is brilliant for beginners with no previous yoga experience who benefit from individual attention and being able to progress with the sequence at their own pace.

About the teachers: Brigid is an experienced teacher and student of John and Lucy Scott for many years. She welcomes students of all levels and is particularly interested in welcoming beginners to the benefits of a regular Ashtanga Yoga practice. Brigid will be assisted by Sam Lacey (yep, that's me), an experienced massage therapist who’s committed to supporting students with careful adjustments that are always relevant to their level of experience.

Time/Dates: 8 week course from Friday 8th May to Friday 26th June. 6:45 am start. 
Location: Tobacco Factory Dance Studio, Southville, Bristol
Cost: £70 for eight x 1 hour classes payable in advance

For more details or to book your space please contact Brigid Swanson on 07834 534951 or visit www.ashtangayogabristol.co.uk 

If Friday mornings in Southville don't suit you then contact Brigid for details of her Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning classes in Clifton. For those of you in North Bristol I also highly recommend Bristol Ashtanga Yoga Shala led by Caroline Simpson. Contact Caroline for more details of her Mysore classes in Bishopston.

POSTED: by Sam Lacey on Monday October 06 2014

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