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casa mayor – yoga and meditation retreat, malaga, spain

We arrived in Malaga late at night. I had no real sense of place until morning, when I stepped out onto the balcony to be greeted by a captivating view of the mountains. Dry, dusty and hot was what I’d expected but in no way was I prepared for this magical setting.

Casa Mayor Yoga Retreat CentreCreated with love by owners Deirdre and Bill, Casa Mayor is a sensitively renovated farmhouse that retains the character of the original Spanish finca. The centre is set in 60 acres of land, on the hillside looking towards the mountains of Malaga, and below the house is the yoga studio with another rooftop space, perfect for our early morning meditation. The pool is elevated on the hillside opposite so you can swim peacefully in between yoga classes whilst enjoying the stunning mountain views. 

Our days at the yoga retreat began with an early morning rooftop meditation followed by a three-hour Iyengar yoga practice. This style of yoga is new to me, as my own practice is a blend of Hatha and Ashtanga, so I used the retreat as an opportunity to learn and immerse myself fully with teacher Shuddhasara guiding us thrroughout.

After class a delicious lunch was served. Using local produce, Deirdre created a variety of salads and served us an array of local cheeses to try. She’s clearly loves to cook and by the time we’d finished our morning practice we were more than ready to eat!

yoga and massage photosAfternoon was a time for rest and relaxation and my chance to offer holistic massage to the group. I set up the massage table in the charming library in the main house and provided massage to fellow yogis, helping them stretch out and relax. The space was perfect. Peaceful and warm with a cool breeze occasionally drifting in through the open window. Total tranquillity and a calm place to seek retreat from the searing midday sun.

The combination of massage, yoga, and meditation was perfect and hugely restorative when experienced in such a stunning natural setting. I imagine the landscape will come alive in spring and also offer much for walkers and cyclists too. Bill and Deirdre couldn't have been more welcoming and accepting. It’s a rare combination and having fallen in love with the place I’m certain that I’ll be back.

See more photos of Casa Mayor.

POSTED: by Sam Lacey on Sunday September 23 2012

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