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celebrating nature’s cycles – mandala postcards to raise money for stop ecocide

Earth Pathways Diary 2021My nature mandalas are now be available as an exquisite pack of postcards so you can share your greetings, display in the home, as alter pieces and more...

The postcards are available in packs. Twelve different designs – three for each of the seasons. On the back is a small space to write and messaging relating to the elements and energies of each stage of the cycles. The text has been translated and appears in both English and Spanish. 

They are £10 per pack or 10€ in Europe (post + packing extra) and ALL proceeds will go directly to the charity.

Earth Pathways Diary 2021Over the last four years I have been creating nature mandalas as part of a ritual to honour my menstrual cycle and the cycles of the earth. In recent months it’s become clear that these need to be shared to celebrate our beloved earth and help raise funds to support the incredible and much-needed work of Stop Ecocide.

To find out more about Stop Ecocide and become an Earth Protector 

If you are interested to know more about the creative process and want to see more mandalas visit

You can also watch intimate conversation about how the ritual was born

The packs of postcards also make wonderful gifts and are now available by post as well as through selected outlets in Bristol and Hebden Bridge, UK and Órgiva, Spain.

If you would like to buy packs of postcards please contact: sam@relaxrestorerevive.com or What's App +44 7970 663153

POSTED: by Sam Lacey on Wednesday September 16 2020

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