Mindful Wandering – Guided walks for wellbeing in las Alpujarras

Guided Walks for Wellbeing in las Alpujarras

mindful wandering – guided walks for wellbeing in las alpujarras

Neuroscience tells us that our nervous system settles when we hear birdsong, watch the sunset or walk slowly and mindfully in nature. We know walking is good for us but often our responsibilities, deadlines and relentlessly-rambling minds prevent us from inhabiting fully our surroundings and surrendering deeply to the nourishment offered by the natural world. The constant mis-match between modern life and our ancient neurobiology can leave us over-stimulated, overwhelmed and depleted.

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Using a combination of movement, sensory awareness and nature-based mindfulness we can begin to orientate ourselves back to ourselves and find our way back ‘home’ here, amongst the beauty of the natural world. 

Our mindful wander begins at the plaza in Cáñar. There’s an initial ascent along a paved pathway before we join the GR7 towards Soportújar and head up into Sierra Nevada natural park. From there, we take an undulating trail with various shaded resting places along the way.

Walks last for approximately two and a half hours and cost 10€ per person. For an additional cost the walk can be extended to include herbal infusions and a simple picnic with local organic produce and wild foods. Before the walk you’ll receive an email with full details including what to wear and bring.

Groups are kept small so as to move with minimal disruption to plants and the other than human beings, and are suitable for those with an average level of fitness.

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Many years in the corporate sector gave me first-hand experience of the impact of stress. As a company director I was under constant pressure. Anxiety had also been a problem for me and with the two combined this build up of tension led to many years of chronic back pain. To counter these effects, I started to receive holistic massage regularly and became aware of what a profound effect this could have on body and mind. 
When I considered my personal experiences alongside my love of people, wellbeing, yoga and meditation, massage felt like the natural step. I chose to follow my heart, trading my corporate career for a new life as a massage therapist and I can honestly say I’ve never looked back.

Sam brings her experience as a teacher, therapist and mentor an alongside her curiosity for wild foods and medicines. She’s a lifetime explorer of inner and outer realms who’s wandered wild across many continents until now making her home here in las Alpujarras. 

To find out about forthcoming walks or to book a walk for your group email Sam.

"Sam is a gentle guide who can skilfully take you on a journey to connect deeply with the natural world."

Caroline Schofield – Eco-Psychology facilitator

"Unforgettable, inspiring and beautiful in so many ways."

Meg Robinson – Artist and writer

"Sam infuses her walks with a playful curiosity and never ceases to inspire me."

Martin Bailey – Foraging teacher

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