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hatha yoga FAQs

What can I expect during a yoga class?
Classes combine a range of yoga postures as well as incorporating meditation and breathing. In yoga we actively use the breath to develop concentration, cultivate awareness and deepen relaxation so the full benefits of the practice can be experienced. Mind and body are inextricably linked, so expect classes to stretch and open the body as well as bringing a sense of calm and balance to the mind. The techniques that we learn through yoga can be incredibly beneficial when it comes to managing stress and cultivating the qualities we need to help us approach life with a sense of clarity and focus.  

What style of yoga do you teach?
My personal experience of yoga has been rich and varied. Over the years I have explored many different styles of yoga and practiced with teachers both in the UK and overseas. My principle teacher is Laura Gilmore and I am a Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher, having completed my training with Bristol City Yoga at Swan Yoga Retreat in Goa. This allowed me to consolidate many years of personal practice with the depth of knowledge required to be able to teach.

Although I draw from many traditions, I teach Hatha yoga for beginners. This is the foundation of all yoga and is gentle practice combining meditation, breath work and movement. I believe wholeheartedly that it offers beginners exactly what they need to start developing subtle awareness through yoga.

What is Hatha yoga?
The principles and practices of Hatha yoga form the foundation to all styles of yoga. Yoga is not a religion and you don’t have to be bendy or a vegetarian to enjoy the benefits of a regular yoga practice. Hatha literally means sun ‘Ha’ and moon ‘tha’. This alludes to the intention of bringing balance between polarities – whether that be in the body or the mind. Typically a Hatha yoga class will combine yoga postures, breathing exercises and meditation. Students are encouraged to focus their awareness as much as possible on what they are experiencing. This can help to quieten the mind and calm the nervous system as attention is brought fully into the present moment.   

What shall I wear?
The most important thing is that you’re comfortable. Leggings are perfect if you have them, but avoid the ones that tie at the front or anything with buttons or a zip - sometimes they can dig in around the stomach when you’re led on your front. It’s really helpful for me to be able to see your ankles so three-quarter lengths are great. If you don’t have leggings or track-suit bottoms then shorts are good too. Yoga is practiced in bare feet. A t-shirt or vest top will mean you’ll be nice and comfortable to move in. My home is always lovely and warm but it’s definitely worth bringing a nice warm jumper and some cosy socks for the relaxation at the end of the session.

What equipment do I need?
I have everything you'll need for your session so all you need to do is book in, turn up and we’re ready to start practicing. Of course, if you do have your own yoga mat then please do feel free to bring it with you. 

Should I eat or drink before class?
I advise students not to drink water while they are practicing yoga. Bring a water bottle, by all means, as you’ll want to drink right after the class as well as making sure you’re nicely hydrated before you start. Allow two hours between eating and practicing to allow your body to fully digest your food before we begin the yoga class.

Do you play music at your classes?
No, I prefer students to experience the class without music so they are able to concentrate their full awareness on alignment of mind, breath and movement. 

What do you mean by ‘adjustments’?
As I teach I sometimes use hands-on techniques to adjust alignment within some of the poses. This is so that you can get a sense of how it feels to be in a particular posture. At our first session we can discuss this and establish if this is something that you are comfortable with. Physical adjustments are optional and I will of course respect your wishes if you’d rather not be adjusted.

I’m pregnant. Can I still come to class?
I am not trained to teach during pregnancy but am very happy to point you in the right direction of specifically qualified teacher should you wish to practice.

I’ve just had a baby. Is it OK for me to practice yoga?
I ask that you allow three months after the birth before practicing yoga. This also applies if you have experienced a miscarriage or abortion. The body needs has undergone many changes and been through a lot of stress so you need this time to heal and recover fully.

Where are you located?
In Southville, just a stones throw away from the Tobacco Factory, my yoga space is a cosy and inviting room designed totally with relaxation in mind. There’s plenty of on-street parking nearby and access is not a problem with the room being downstairs.

Can you come and teach me at my home?
If it’s difficult for you to travel, I offer private classes at home to students located in Clifton or Southville and charge an additional £5 per class for this. You’ll need to have a quiet room available with plenty of space. If you would rather a change of scene then I have a designated space at my home where it is possible for you to attend class.

How much does it cost?
Please see our Prices & Bookings page for details.

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Sam is a certified Hatha Yoga Teacher offering private tuition in Southville and Clifton, Bristol.

As a mum of eighteen-month-old twins I don’t have a lot of time to myself and, with my husband often away with work, getting to a class is pretty much impossible. But Sam brings so much more than convenience. Every week her classes maintain continuity so that I am building my practice capabilities but they are also tailored to my needs.

Ali, Bristol

Meeting Sam and starting yoga has literally changed my life – that may sound melodramatic but it's true.

Jess, Bristol