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About Sam
My path in life has been one of transformation and healing. Through working with my own physical and emotional pain I have developed a level of sensitivity, understanding and presence that allows me to connect deeply with clients of all ages and backgrounds. 

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Many years in the corporate sector gave me first-hand experience of the impact of stress. As a company director I was under constant pressure. Anxiety had also been a problem for me and with the two combined this build up of tension led to many years of chronic back pain. To counter these effects, I started to receive holistic massage regularly and became aware of what a profound effect this could have on body and mind. 
When I considered my personal experiences alongside my love of people, wellbeing, yoga and meditation, massage felt like the natural step. I chose to follow my heart, trading my corporate career for a new life as a massage therapist and I can honestly say I’ve never looked back.

I came to massage relatively late on, having first had a fast-paced, city-life as director of my own business. On the outside I was successful businesswoman with a thriving creative agency, but inside I was stressed, anxious and burnt out. By my mid-30s it became clear to me that something needed to change. My health was declining and stress levels spiraling out of control. My already chronic back-pain was becoming exacerbated and anxiety ruling my life. Holistic massage helped me to relax, connect back into myself and ultimately find my way out of a life I was tired of living. I made a career change in 2011 and can honestly say I've never looked back.

Now, the focus of my work is helping others to experience comfort and relaxation through sensitive, nurturing touch. Holistic massage can help counter the effects of stress and anxiety as well as releasing occupational or postural tension and discomfort. I am trained with MTI in Holistic Massage Therapy with a specialism in massage for pregnancy, birth and post-natal care. My interest in women’s health has led me to Alexandra Pope and Jane Hardwicke-Collings who have both inspired me greatly with their teaching. Personal experience of working consciously with the ebb and flow of my menstrual cycle has been supported by their insight and wisdom. I honour and respect our cyclical nature through regular meditation, ritual and time on the land. A deepening interest in the cycles led me to begin the Red Tent End of Life Doula Preparation so I am more fully able to tend to those during the process of death, dying and loss.

Alongside massage, I spent many years cultivating a regular yoga practice and teaching yoga to beginners. I’ve been fortunate enough to train with many experienced teachers in the UK, Europe and India. I spent time at Sivananda Ashram in Kerala and have been fortunate enough to practice Ashtanga yoga under the guidance of Dena KingsbergJohn Scott and Lucy Crawford. My personal experience of Asthma has led me to study breathwork in more depth with The Buteyko Method. This daily practice has significantly improved my overall heath and reduced my dependency on medication and I am now trained with Buteyko Toronto as a Level 1 Buteyko Breathing Educator.

A commitment to my personal and professional development enriches my work as a therapist, teacher and mentor. I continue to widen my knowledge through ongoing CPD. I receive massage and have regular supervision and I have also completed a number of specialist, short courses including: Sports & Remedial Massage, Chair Massage, Mobilising Massage, Working with Trauma & the body and Thai massage. Whilst in India I studied Ayurvedic Yoga Massage. I also offer professional supervision to other massage therapists who are starting out or looking to develop their practice.

Outside of my treatment room, I spend most of my time on the land. I'm an emerging herbalist, writer, artist and student. I'm continually deepening my knowledge and experience of the mind and the body, understanding the inner and outer relationships we choose to cultivate. The relationship to our own suffering interests me and, having experienced early separation from my mother, I am also interested in pre and perinatal psychology and how early trauma impacts the relationship we have to ourselves and others. More recently, I have also become interested in historic trauma and how our severance from the natural world is now effecting our individual and collective wellbeing.

I am grateful for being able to live a fluid and creative life that is aligned with the natural cycles. I am currently living in the south of Spain where I continue to offer treatments whilst tending to my interest in wild foods and herbal medicine.

Life is ever rich.

Holistic massage therapy in Órgiva, Andalucia, Spain.
I have access to a treatment room in the centre of Órgiva. It is a welcoming space with good access and parking nearby but because of the stairs I am unable to offer disabled access. Clients with limited mobility may prefer for me to visit them in their own home.

Find out more about the session in What to expect from your treatment and FAQs. And here's some info about Choosing an MTI practitioner.

Mindful wandering – Guided walks for wellbeing in La Alpujarras.
In Autumn I hope to resume my monthly walks for wellbeing. A combination of gentle movement, sensory awareness and nature-based mindfulness. If you'd like further information please contact me by email.

booking your treatment

Email or What's App Sam on +44 7970 663153 and she will call you back to arrange an appointment.

I have been seeing Sam every week for back pain and she has been a complete godsend, helping me massively. She's incredible. Intuitive, approachable and communicative - meaning that you always get the massage you need. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone.


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