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About Sam
My path in life has been one of transformation and healing. Through working with my own physical and emotional pain I have developed a level of sensitivity, understanding and presence that allows me to connect deeply with clients of all ages and backgrounds. 

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Many years in the corporate sector gave me first-hand experience of the impact of stress. As a company director I was under constant pressure. Anxiety had also been a problem for me and with the two combined this build up of tension led to many years of chronic back pain. To counter these effects, I started to receive holistic massage regularly and became aware of what a profound effect this could have on body and mind. 
When I considered my personal experiences alongside my love of people, wellbeing, yoga and meditation, massage felt like the natural step. I chose to follow my heart, trading my corporate career for a new life as a massage therapist and I can honestly say I’ve never looked back.

I came to massage relatively late on, having first had a fast-paced, city-life as director of my own business. On the outside I was successful businesswoman with a thriving creative agency, but inside I was stressed, anxious and burnt out. By my mid-30s it became clear to me that something needed to change. My health was declining and stress levels spiraling out of control. My already chronic back-pain was becoming exacerbated and anxiety ruling my life. Holistic massage helped me to relax, connect back into myself and ultimately find my way out of a life I was tired of living. In 2011 I made a career change and I can honestly say I've never looked back.

Now, the focus of my work is helping others to experience comfort and relaxation through sensitive, nurturing touch. Holistic massage can help counter the effects of stress and anxiety as well as releasing occupational or postural tension and discomfort. I am trained with MTI in Holistic Massage Therapy and I later went on to specialise in massage for pregnancy, birth and post-natal care. My interest in women’s health has led me to training with both Alexandra Pope and Jane Hardwicke-Collings. Personal experience of working consciously with the ebb and flow of my menstrual cycle has been supported by their insight of Menarche, Pregnancy and Menopause. I honour and respect our cyclical nature through regular meditation, ritual and time on the land.

As well as offering massage, I also teach one-to-one yoga and group courses for beginners. My teaching is inspired by a personal practice that has been cultivated over the last ten years – having trained with many experienced teachers in the UK, Europe and India. I have spent time at Sivananda Ashram in Kerala and been fortunate enough to practice Ashtanga yoga in Goa with both John Scott and Dena Kingsberg. My personal experience of Asthma has led me to study breathwork in more depth with The Buteyko Method, which I now practice daily.

A commitment to my personal and professional development enriches my work as a therapist, teacher and mentor. I continue to widen my knowledge through an ongoing programme of CPD. During my time in practice I have received massage and supervison regularly and I have also completed a number of specialist, short courses including: Sports & Remedial Massage, Chair Massage, Mobilising Massage, Thai Massage and Bodywork for Trauma. Whilst in India I also studied Ayurvedic Yoga Massage.

Outside of my work I spend most of my time on the land. I grow, write, wander, take pictures and study. At the moment I am integrating Permaculture principles more fully into my way of life and each winter I make an overland migration to Andalucia where I continue to attend to my interest in wild foods and herbal medicine.

Life is ever rich.

Holistic massage therapy in Bristol
Located in Southville just a stones throw away from the Tobacco Factory, my treatment room is a cosy and inviting space designed totally with relaxation in mind. There’s plenty of on-street parking nearby and access is not a problem with the room being downstairs. As well as providing treatments from my home I also have a Weds afternoon clinic at Yanley Court in Long Ashton and am availabile at the Alma Vale Centre offering massage in Clifton on a Thursday afternoon/evening. Call me direct to book in at any of my clinics.

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Please note that although both the treatment room and toilet are downstairs I am not able to provide disabled access. Clients with limited mobility may prefer for me to visit them in their own home however I'm afraid that I do need to charge an additional fee to cover travel time and expenses.

To find out more about the sessions read What to expect from your treatment. There's also lots of info in the FAQs.

MTI and CNHC Registered Therapist

booking your treatment

PLEASE NOTE: Sam is currently in a process of re-location and so not taking bookings

I have been seeing Sam every week for a couple of months for back pain and she has been a complete godsend, helping me massively. She's incredible. Intuitive, approachable and communicative - meaning that you always get the massage you need. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone.

Esther, Bristol

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